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The First of Many...

Everything was starting to take shape.  It was agreeable that Thailand served as a crucial country to take part in floorball and participate in the SEA games. Again, a Z founder was dispatched to prepare their Men and Women teams for the Games.

Valhall sent one coach down to Thailand to train both the Men and Women team. When he came, no one had ever played floorball in Thailand. Alfie the Hippie, now the entrepreneur of a groundbreaking startup conglomerate called ISpy, came down again to give technical and moral support.  At the SEA games 6 months later, both the men and the women teams made it against all odds to the finals against the host nation, Singapore. The women’s team pressured Singapore all the way to overtime and finally lost on penalties — a display of how far Floorball has come to Thailand. The debut of the Thailand team certainly left a lasting impression on everyone’s minds.

The SEA Games turned out to be a great success. Singaporeans were lining up for hours to get into the stadium for the games. Unfortunately, many were turned down at the entrance due to the staggering attendance of supporters. The stadium was filled with a SEA of spectators.

Singapore, in their Z attire, became the first ever SEA Games Champions in floorball.

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