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Join Drizzle Sports for Unforgettable Floorball Journeys!

Are you a devoted floorball player or enthusiast with dreams of experiencing the sport's finest moments in Europe and Southeast Asia? Drizzle Travels is your gateway to extraordinary floorball adventures.

Why Choose Drizzle Sports?

  • Tailor-Made Trips: We customize training and game trips to Europe's top floorball nations, catering to all skill levels.

  • Exclusive Access: Witness grand league finals and championships with behind-the-scenes experiences and meet-and-greets with floorball stars.

  • December Extravaganza: Join our yearly international trips to Sweden for an absolute floorball extravaganza!

In Sweden December 2023:

  • IBF Falun Powerhouse: Train intensively, attend clinics, play exhibition matches, and meet floorball idols from one of the absolute best teams in the world. 

  • Stockholm Grand Finale: More exhibition matches, additional training, and a live SSL match featuring Aik and Pixbo.

Southeast Asia:

  • Training Camps: Enhance your skills and knowledge through exclusive training camps led by experienced coaches.

  • Exhibition Matches: Test your training against Southeast Asia's floorball community.

Join Us in 2024:

Elevate your passion, connect with a global floorball community, and create memories that last a lifetime. Contact us at and embark on your floorball journey with Drizzle Sports!

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